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    The story  

The spirit that led to the establishment of CARIN, more than 25 years ago,was that of converting an idea into a business activity principally moved by that philosophy of business wich characterizes the well known industrial reality of North-East of Veneto.

The spirit was that of a staff joined by the common will to attain the same object.

Together, more with friends that with businessmen,the adventure began in 1975 with alternation of ups and downs but always moved by the spirit that "you'd rather do something than not do it"


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CARIN Carin stands for CAR penterie INDustriali : wich means Industrial Steelwork and the company started its activity in November 1975 with steelwork processing on behalf of local company www

But very soon other activities followed with the direct partecipation of the company and that of the founding partners:Walter Pizzolato,Bruno Giordan,Adriano Serman and ,Schiavo Renato


Was the first trademark producing equipment for medical use : the patented "Panirradiante" for icterical childrens


Then,in February 1976, the first company for specific mechanical processing was established and , was one of the a series:

Located In Schio and manufacturing garage equipments (lifts,cranes,presses). This field has become the real core business of the group and TECNODUE growth fast becomming leader in the sector www


also located in Schio and specialized in hydraulic component and pneumatic systems.


  ELE4 was one of the first manufacturing firms in Veneto specialized in electronic balancing machines  
DIA In Santorso, manufacturing diagnostic lines for motor vehicles and diagnostic equipment for engines parts  
  ELIMA located in Malo and specialized in electric boards for machines tools.Partecipated till 1992  
TF4 In Zane' ,focused its activity on machining mechanical components.Partecipated till 1994  
KAMA In Schio,for processing of turning and grinding componenents for machines tools  
AKAB Specialized in CNC machine tools for engine rebuilding  

Modello e creativita'

sono i poli dell'azione


But CARIN has not only concentrate its business on classic fields like mechanic and automotive.

We have tried to be involved in different experiences with the purpose of exploring other activities. In all the companies new partners were involved , taking over the know-how and managing the companies.

VIDEOMAKER Producing industrial videos and cultural video cassette.  

Was a great experience with the culture of the country which CARIN made business wiyh .Started with the greatest Cuban painter Manuel Mendive.Other contacts made with artist of China and Bulgaria



Was the company set up for managing the different companies partecipating in the group  
Louxemburg. Holding company with the same aim of Caringest,but for managing the foreign companies.  

Ogni fiume ha le sue rive

ogni mare ha le sue sponde

  An important undertaking came into operation with the partecipation of other partners; three important companies operating in the same field were jointed together with the establishment of VERECO, standing for Venetian Engines REbuilding COmpanies , wich became the world-wide leader in the production of Machine Tools for engine rebuilding .  


VERECO In the beginning was the company that managed the three companies TECNODUE,ZANROSSO,RUARO-SCLEDUM. Than became an operative company taking over the companies  
SCLEDUM Established in the 50s was leader in the engine rebuilding machine tools  
ZANROSSO Started its activity in the 1952 and focused on the same field as Ruaro-Scledum.  

Rendiamo la vita reale

proiettandovi i nostri pensieri


One of the most successfull fields was and is that of engineering represented by the companies set up with the intention of transferring the specific know how of different sectors into developing .The success is visible in the quantity of important realized turn-key projects made around the world.

Somalia,Eritrea,Sirya,Algeria,Turkey,Bulgaria,Cuba etc.



Was and is the engineering company that most personify the philosophy of the GROUP, with its spirit of cooperation, to be attained on transfering know how and granting technical assistance.

OCV A Trademark for importation from China and Bulgariia of machines tools retrofitted in Italy  
TECNA Located in Bologna, consulting company for the Engineering company  

With its head office in Torino and branches in Algiers .Engineering company for trading with North Africa.Operative till 1989

ROVIMPEX Located in Rovereto, initially established for trading and counter-trading with Bulgary. Its main business field: Tyres technology.  
ROVIMPEX Novaledo Founded for trading with Cuba where an office was set up to keep contacts close with local customer .A lot of projects were realized in the rubber sector and then in the bakery field on behalf of Tecnopast and through its division Novacel.Partecipated till 1997.  
  TECNOFOOD The last Engineering company set up with an Uzbekistan partner with office in Tashkent. Main activity supply of food processing plants and equipment. www

Collaborazione con gli altri.


Sapere quando guidare e quando seguire


The primary objective was always to make and keep close contacts with the local partner in order to make business with the spirit and the curiosity of the explore always attentive to the customs and the culture of a people.Some companies had a limited activity.


TECNODUE Deutchland

Company set up in Neuberg - Germany for the distribution of TECNODUE garage equipment in Central Europe www
INTERBULIT Located in Sofija - Bulgaria, for managing trading on vehicles overhauling mantenance  
ZANAUTO With office in Pontcharra - France. Distribution of Zanrosso and Tecnodue products in France  
  TECNOPAST Caribe Set up in San Jose - Costarica, for the distribution of Tecnopast bakery equipment in Central America  
CHOSONIMPEX Company established for trading with North Korea  
  PROCAR in Beograd - Yugoslavia for trading and importation of casting for machines tools  
Ulanbaataar- Mongolia.For general trading with the country
EUROGOM Habana, Cuba, controlled by Rovimpex for transferring tecnology on rubber processing  
  TECHNOUP-CARIN Bangalore -India for production of gas analyzerer  
TECNOBAS Dakar, Senegal,for the distribution of bakery machines in Senegal and neighbowring areas www
  CEDIS Dakar.Senegal. company set up for managing a governamental project  
  SEGE RAGA Asmara - Eritrea .A joint venture for processing of steelwork  
TAISHAN RABOTTI Taian- China. A joint venture for manufacturing garage equipment  

L'aquilone sfrutta la forza del vento.

Esprime la nostra intenzione,

manon puo' cambiare il vento


In the 90s, the automotive equipment and machine tools core business was concentrated in two companies: AZ,in the beginning situated in Novaledo TN and TECNO-UP in Schio.

In 1996 AZ tke-over Tecno-up , moving to Schio and becoming the world-wide leader in machines tools for engine rebuilding

AZ Leader in manufacturing engine rebuilding machines and grinders of big dimensions www
TECNO-UP Division of AZ company producing machines and equipment for brake service www

I venti agitano i bambu'

ma quando se ne vanno,

le canne tornano silenziose


The 90's were also the period of the large development of food processing fields, expecially in machines and ovens for Bakery an Pastry

The reference company, TECNOPAST, was set up in 1978 but till the 90's its potential remain undervalued.

Thanks to some big orders coming from the Engineering organization Tecnopast rapidily enlarged its activity and new companies were added with new partner to complete the range of equipment.



TECNOPAST Started its activity in 1976 producing a patented twin arms mixer. Then extended step by step the production to ovens and pastry equipment, becoming together with other controlled or partecipated companies one of the most important company in the field.In september 2000 the trade mark was handed over by TBM TECNOPAST.

NOVACEL A Division of ROVIMPEX, delegated to produce a complementary cold line equipment to complete the range of bakery equipment. www
COVEPAN Specialized in specific machines in the bakery sector. The production plant was located in Brescia www
  CIBUS With head office in Cesena.A trade company for selling flour in South Italy and in meantime coordinate the activity of the agents of Bakery machines  
MECCANICHE SCLEDENSI Company set up in 1943, and take over to develop the pastry line equipment . Partecipated till 1999 www
ROLLMATIC partecipated trough a Carin partner, the company produce pastry sheeters www
V&F Standing for Vitella & Frigo. A company delegated to produce dought dividers  

Sometimes friends take different roads and sometimes along the road you find new friends.

The story continues.....never forgotting that...



Per un vero maestro

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non e' diverso

da sedere sulla polvere


The companies listed are that partecipated directly or inderectly by Carin.

Several companies were later sold, closed or merged into each other. Some others set up new companies and therefore new job opportunities,new ideas,other enterpreneurs.